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Почетна Е-продавница On the road to begin – Dionysios Skliris

On the road to begin – Dionysios Skliris

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On the road to begin – Dionysios Skliris, 151 страница. St. Maximus the Confessor’s Syn-odical Ontology.  Издаје: Себастијан прес, 2018. година

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           The present volume articulates a “dromic ontology”, based on the thought of Saint Maximus the Confessor. The meaning of this ontology is that being is not already perfect in the beginning, but is expected to be realized after a historical trajectory at the end of History. In this sense, we are not yet “beings”. We are “on the road” to begin, which will be achieved in the future. This “ontology of the way” is based on a relevant “ontology of the mode”. The conjunction of the two complementary approaches is that History is an itinerary in which takes place a dialogue between on the one hand God’s logoi, i.e. God’s will for an accomplishment of nature in the future, and, on the other, man’s modes, i.e. man’s modifications of nature in response to the divine call. The locus of this dialogue per excellence is Christ Who by becoming a man assumes both the divine logoi and novel surprising modification of the created nature, thus promoting the historical dialogue in unexpected ways

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